Friday, April 20, 2012

Going Back to Natural

After watching the documentary "Fat Head" back in November, I began to follow the lifestyle immediately, and I began to tell others about it just as quickly. I told my family, my friends; I even told people I didn't even know. Some accepted it immediately, just like I did. Others were hesitant, and some were skeptical and downright defiant, but honestly, I can understand why. No one wants to believe that the government, doctors, and other "authorities" have been lying to us (knowingly or unknowingly) all these years. I personally felt betrayed after having watched the movie; it was disenchanting. And I knew just how difficult it was to believe this "revolutionary" concept I had found, a concept you will soon see was actually not revolutionary at all.

My zeal for this new concept was evident throughout my daily discussions with people. It's funny because it's all I really wanted to talk about, and I began to feel like a preacher! (Can I get a witness?) One day, it dawned on me that I should start a new blog, one where I shared my newfound passion: the good news about nutrition. At the same time I realized that I wanted to incorporate not only nutrition, but also natural remedies. With that said, I knew I should choose my blog name carefully. I wanted to convey a sense of going back to nature, while at the same time connoting a religious fervor I had for evangelizing the message I believe—that nature holds the healing to not just some of our ailments, but all of them.

The Revolutionary Concept

Speaking of 'nature' let's explore that first half of my blogname—since the last half is self explanatory. What kinds of things does the word 'natural' conjure up in your mind? Let's take a trip to the past and go tens of thousands or even millions of years back and take a peek at our ancestors. How did they nourish their bodies? How did they self sustain? It so happens that during these prehistoric times, humans actually had to hunt and gather their food. These people fed off wild and local animals, fish, vegetables, roots, fruit, and nuts. That may sound simple and perhaps boring, but surprisingly enough, their fossils indicate that they rarely if ever encountered the modern diseases we have all come to know so well: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even gum disease, to name a few. In other words, we can assume they were quite healthy. Looking at the list below, can you see why eating this way this is not such a revolutionary concept after all?

  • Wild/Local animals
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Roots
  • Fruit
  • Nuts

Now, you may have actually heard about this type of diet. Today, there are many variations of it. Some call it "Paleo," "Primal," or even "Caveman" because our ancestors during the Paleolithic Era ate this way. Others may not necessarily give it a name, but they use some of the similar concepts like eating greater amounts of protein and animal fat and drastically limiting their carb/sugar intake. In addition, diets like "Atkins" and "South Beach" are a bit similar, although they tend to be short-lived and they vary in several ways from a traditional "Paleo" diet. Personally, I think the "Paleo" lifestyle comes the closest to the ideal. Now, you might wonder if this is what "Fat Head" was all about. To answer that question, yes, it was, although the word "Paleo" was never mentioned (that I know of). With that said, I want to reiterate that Tom Naughton of "Fat Head" and Gary Taubes of "Good Calories, Bad Calories" are not the only advocates for such lifestyles. There are countless proponents out there. If you suspect this "diet" is a craze and a passing fad, I assure you that for some people it will be, but for people whose lives have been changed, whose diseases have been healed, whose bodies have been restored, this is and will always be a lifestyle.

One such person of noteworthy mention is Medical Doctor Terry Wahls, and in the following inspiring, 18-minute video, she presents the power of nutrition, and how it restored her body. She has been healed of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) that ravaged her body for 7 years. Healed? you ask. Yes! It seems unbelievable, doesn't it? I truthfully had always wanted to believe that the healing of every ailment was found in nature, but it wasn't until I saw Dr. Wahls' testimony that I fully realized it was true. I wasn't so much a "doubting Thomas" as I was afraid that over time we'd lost the answers to the cures—whether no one remembered them anymore, or they were being kept secret from the public, or perhaps because the particular herbs had become extinct over time. Whatever the case was, I was hesitant to believe that the "cure" was so readily available to whomever was willing to seek and find. Now I am certain the "cure" does, in fact, exist, and it is readily available, so I'll leave you with this amazing testimony, hoping that it inspires you as much as it has inspired me. If any youtube video in this world should go viral, it's this one, so I urge you to please share it, spread the word, the gospel, if you will. Everybody ought to know...

And don't worry, I'm not done talking about this, and I'm not done answering some of the questions I've posed in my previous posts. So, keep your eyes peeled for another post coming soon!

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